October 9, 2015

Montana’s Largest Jackpot Win at S&K Gaming Property


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S&K Gaming and our two tribal owned and operated casinos are where the jackpots are gigantic. $915,524.91 gigantic!! S&K Gaming recently paid out a lucky jackpot winner $915,524.91 at the KwaTaqNuk Resort and Casino located on the pristine shores of Flathead Lake in Polson, Montana. KwaTaqNuk Casino and the Gray Wolf Peak Casino are both owned by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes in Western Montana. The gaming dollars generated at the two casinos benefit tribal programs such as natural resources, culture preservation, higher education, and much more. Congratulations to our most recent progressive jackpot winner! S&K Gaming – where our jackpots know no limits!

July 27, 2015

S&K Gaming has a New Look


A new look, a new logo design and a new website. The S&K Gaming Board of Directors and its CEO, Sheila Matt secured a partnership with a marketing firm to develop a business-professional overall look that best represents S&K Gaming.

S&K Gaming has grown into a thriving revenue generator for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and creates steady employment opportunities. With this in mind members of the S&K Gaming Board of Directors determined they needed a strong branding identity that represents its business success and tribal heritage.

The new logo design represents three major goals of S&K Gaming: sustaining, connecting and progressing. The new look merges tribal values and heritage with a modern logo design. The colors represented throughout the new S&K Gaming materials are natural colors seen in the landscape of the beautiful Flathead Nation. A new website was designed as part of a commitment by S&K Gaming leadership to keep tribal members, community members and business partners informed. CEO, Sheila Matt says, “we have so much to be proud of we plan to use our new website and newsfeed to share success stories of our properties and our dedicated staff”.

June 19, 2015

Celebration Time at KwaTaqNuk Resort


KwaTaqNuk Resort Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
KwaTaqNuk Resort Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

A brand new look, fun atmosphere, beautiful updated hotel rooms and a new outdoor dance space are all part of the completed phase one renovations at the KwaTaqNuk Resort Hotel located on the pristine shoreline of Flathead Lake.

S&K Gaming management team approved a $4.5 million renovation project that includes two phases of work. The first phase began early in 2015 and wrapped up just in time for the summer season. Construction crews will begin phase two renovations and improvements of the KwaTaqNuk Resort Hotel area in the fall of 2015.

Chairman Vernon Finley, of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Council and Council member, Lloyd Irvine joined S&K Gaming CEO, Sheila Matt on a beautiful June evening to celebrate phase one completion at KwaTaqNuk Resort.

Tribal representatives and members of the Polson Chamber of Commerce held an official ribbon cutting ceremony as part of the June 19, 2015 celebration. CEO, Sheila Matt says, “we are a proud community partner and we are thrilled to see our civic and business partners support our tribe and KwaTaqNuk Resort on this special occasion”.

The KwaTaqNuk Resort and Casino launched its summer patio dance parties immediately following the special ribbon cutting.